The eight-year old participant says it all: “To me nothing could have been better: the noise and the bubbles because they look magic; everybody working together to create a new world.”

We were in the main dance space at the top of the Siobhan Davies Dance Studios in south London. The event was conjured into life by Entelechy’s Creative Producer Rebecca Swift and inspired and co-facilitated by Siobhan Davies Dance current resident artist, sculptor- weaver, Shane Waltener. For the last few weeks Shane has been working with dancers and the public to explore the performative dimensions of his craft.

So on this brilliantly sunny late winter afternoon we inhabited a space, full of wool and twine and long skeins of shredded paper. As Rebecca said: ‘the materials created a theatrical space for our imaginations…everyone recognized a pile of tangled string, and immediately knew what to do’.

The event is part of Entelechy’s Create and Connect volunteering programme supported by the Mayor of London’s Team London programme.


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