Cocktails and Kindergartens

South London. The Stephen Laurence Centre. A seminar on intergenerational practice organized by our neighbours Age Exchange. I had been asked to run two breakout workshops sharing something of my American experience. Each of the sessions lasted forty minutes. Felt like I needed forty days. Way back in the 1980’s the older women from our… Continue reading Cocktails and Kindergartens

Mr. Peet and an Airport Lounge and Love continued…

  And so it all comes to an end, my great American Adventure (only joking of course it doesn’t) with a cup of coffee from Mr. Peet’s place in the departure lounge at JFK. Joanna Harris had taken me to the original store in Berkeley and of course she had known him as she had… Continue reading Mr. Peet and an Airport Lounge and Love continued…

“It’s wonderful people can do things like that”

It is towards the beginning my visit to MoMA that I missed the critical companionship of the women I had wandered round the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton Massachusetts with. “Let Art Touch You” is the museum’s strap line. These women knew how. We’re back to driving on the Los Angeles freeways at night in… Continue reading “It’s wonderful people can do things like that”

Love and an awkwardness with words

We’re not good about talking about intimacy, certainly in the UK. Up until now most of my writing energies have been focused on the mostly joyless last of writing funding bids, trying to secrete passion in between the lines of recycled text. Taking this sabbatical has been a delight. Suddenly whole new packages of words… Continue reading Love and an awkwardness with words


[Bibi Melville from Maryland talking about a cross-generational/ cross-cultural programme that she is working on] Almost eight weeks ago in Burbank on the outskirts of Los Angeles I help to run a workshop for senior managers at EngAge. We asking the question how can we more effectively communicate the stories from different residential centre programmes.… Continue reading Books