Buying Oranges with Susan Perlstein.

In Rotherhithe back in the 70s, on the south shore of the Thames, there lived a retired lighterman named Johnny Coffee. Lighterman ‘drove’ barges single handedly up the Thames using muscle, skill, and huge oars.  Johnny had an a list of phone numbers hanging around his neck with contacts to anyone you could care to… Continue reading Buying Oranges with Susan Perlstein.

Penelope, Guitars and a Salt Marsh

To the Museum of Modern Art and “Imagination and the Changing Mind”, a symposium that considers how innate differences or changes that develop in later life can beget creative engagement and meaningful contribution to society. Afterwards I snatch a brief conversation with one of the keynote speakers, Anne Basting. Anne is the Director of the… Continue reading Penelope, Guitars and a Salt Marsh

Wandering and Wondering in Washington DC

The question was written on the board leaning against the street herbalists table on the junction between Wayne and Colleville just outside Silver Spring Metro: “How do you be come a good human been?” The text on a wall in the Phillips Collection nr the Dupont Circle offered a curatorial response: “ a mixture of… Continue reading Wandering and Wondering in Washington DC

Dr. Gene Cohen

Floating high in the ionosphere there are balloons with instruments that pick up traces of exploding stars. You cannot travel across the United States, attempting to navigate a way through the territory of creative aging, without continually breathing in the presence of Dr. Gene Cohen. Way back before knowing of this journey, I had dared… Continue reading Dr. Gene Cohen