‘Arts and Dementia’: responding to the challenge of the Fujinomiya Shopkeepers.

Around the year 2000 the shopkeepers in the town centre of Fujinomiya, under the shadow of Mount Fuji had a problem. It’s a story that UK high streets have been very familiar with. Out of town competition by national chains with a buying power that they couldn’t match were taking away their trade. A large… Continue reading ‘Arts and Dementia’: responding to the challenge of the Fujinomiya Shopkeepers.

Back to Shakespeare

 Founded in 2006 by the internationally renowned theatre director Yukio Ninagawa, the Saitama Gold Theatre was born ‘out of a desire to search for new form of theatre based on the personal histories of people of age’. There were extensive auditions with a desire to find people who were not professional performers. Nigagawa was keen… Continue reading Back to Shakespeare