Japan (part 4) /Falling and Flying (part1).

After the trauma of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in the east of Japan there was an increase in the number of philosophy cafés. Strangers were meeting to talk, share experiences and attempt to comprehend the meaning of the disaster, the physical and emotional impact that it brought to their lives. Philosophy was seen as… Continue reading Japan (part 4) /Falling and Flying (part1).

An Act of Treachery

Last week I participated in an extraordinarily illuminating and eccentric event curated by Chrissie Tiller and the Participatory Arts Lab to both celebrate and mark the sad demise of the MA in Participatory and Community Arts, at Goldsmiths.  Participation on Trial
was, to quote the blurb, a Dada-esque, playful (but serious) critique of participation in the arts.… Continue reading An Act of Treachery