Casa das Fases at Odin Theatre Denmark

After the performance, sitting in the empty theatre I watch the packing of the set, the folding and careful placing of materials and objects into large black suitcases on wheels. I imagine them tomorrow walking through an anonymous airport concourse, perhaps two men and their elderly relative and an extraordinary number of travelling bags. But… Continue reading Casa das Fases at Odin Theatre Denmark

Casa das Fases and Entelechy in London

The whole experience is wrapped magically in a scorching Indian summer: late September and the temperatures are in the high twenties. Seven days spent preciously- rich experience juxtaposed with a ‘doing nothing in particular’ rhythm. Two older actors from the Brazilian company Casa das Fases spend a week with older performers from Entelechy. ‘We learn… Continue reading Casa das Fases and Entelechy in London

Entelechy’s Table

Friday morning. Traces of the conversation hover over the silence of the empty room. On the paper tablecloth amongst the discarded coffee cups, scattered peanuts and wilting stalks of mint someone has scribbled Tony Kushner’s line: ‘Respect the ecology of your own delusions’. A few weeks ago we bought a table for the Entelechy office:… Continue reading Entelechy’s Table