Laughter and silences

Guest bloggers Rosie Wheatland, Rona Lewis, Nelly Andoh, Gwen Sewell, Thelma Hunte, Madeleine Keckwick, Sybil Reid, Shelia Powell and Lillian Bartholomew write about their experiences of working together in Entelechy Arts elders company. We speak about the past and the present. Both. We are old but not cold. We’ve all had experiences that have taught… Continue reading Laughter and silences

Mick and Molly

Guest blogger Lillian Bartholomew is a member of Entelechy’s Elders Company. In addition to working with the company devising and performing theatre, she volunteers her time as a peer mentor working alongside Entelechy Artists in a local care home in Deptford. Here she describes how listening and sharing stories can support and invigorate people moving… Continue reading Mick and Molly

Bradford (part 2)

In the former mill owner’s house, now home to the Ukrainian Centre in Bradford the Ukrainian women, in their beautifully embroidered blouses, are singing the once prohibited songs of their childhood. They are all clutching song sheets but they don’t need them, the words seep from their souls. They sing of love and loss. They… Continue reading Bradford (part 2)


I’m having supper with the eleven members of Entelechy’s elders company in the elegant surroundings of the restaurant in the Midland Hotel in Bradford, Yorkshire. We have all travelled north to participate in the next stages of the ‘Home Sweet Home’ project with Freedom Studios. It's a two year theatrical exploration into the art of… Continue reading Bradford