David Slater was Founder Director of UK participatory arts company Entelechy Arts, based in Deptford, southeast London. He remains an Associate of the company. David has extensive experience of working with participatory arts practice in both urban and rural communities with a particular interest in programmes that support older, old people to connect and contribute to the cultural life of their communities.

This blog started in 2011 to record experiences gained through a Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship, learning from arts programmes working with older people in the USA. 


Posts reflect on new learnings and to weave experiences drawn from projects and programmes initiated in the last forty-five years. All views are his own.

To read about the ongoing groundbreaking work of Entelechy Arts click here

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Getting the message across. Amazing what can be done with a group of “old” people, spontaneously, without a script or any preparation!
    Well done David. I love your vision.

  2. Hi Mr Slater.

    I read about the work you do at Entelechy on the website.

    I look forward to focus my work into similar projects, orientated to the community, using art to help people with disabilities or difficulties to live better.

    I learned about the project “Little boxes of memories” and would like to take part in it.

    My work involves mainly video production and edition, but I’m also interested into sculpture and collage made from recycled materials.

    I have a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design and a Masters in Arts and Digital Technologies. I also have some experience in contemporary dance. Some of my recent creations, along with information about my career, can be seen at:


    As a Brazilian, my first instinct was to contact Fabricio, the producer at “Casa das Fases” in Londrina, who told me you had opened opportunities for new collaborators.

    I could be a bridge between the participants in London and the ones in Londrina, or maybe orientate them to produce their ‘little boxes’, or even help to organise the presentation event…

    I know my proposals are still vague, but my will to participate is enormous!

    I would like, if possible, to meet you and get some more information about the “Little boxes of memories”, or about other projects where my help would be welcome.

    Kind regards,

    Maria Luiza Gill

  3. Heard David on Radio 4. What an imaginative gift he has in working with a marginalised group who are so often pushed out of sight and out of mind. So much rich experience being ignored, and even deliberately ignored. Deserving of recognition.

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