Flocking and a day trip to the sea

Afternoon dance performance cruising on the River Thames

Out of curiosity I list from memory everyone who I connect with Entelechy. If we were going out for a day trip to the sea who would we attempt to cram on the coaches?  I guess it’s going back to the flocking starlings only its people and not birds we are talking about here: arts company as tribe; the continual search for the village in the city.

I have just been reading an article by the evolutionary anthropologist Robin Dunbar. He talks about the relationship between human brain size and the optimum size of a social group; the number of people that you can have a reciprocal relationship with, one involving some kind of trust and obligation. At Entelechy we talk about the biography of people’s lives being woven into the biography of the company; sometimes quite literally. The couple’s fiftieth wedding anniversary celebrations that coincide with a 21st Century Tea Dance event that transforms a senior care home into a jazz club come cabaret venue. Personal photograph albums echoing the organization’s flicker archives.

Dunbar says that 150 was the typical community size of hunter-gatherer societies. It is the average size of villages stretching from records in the Doomsday book to 18th century England; the average size of contemporary Pennsylvanian, Amish communities.

Back to the imaginary coach trip.146 names, faces and association’s that have popped into my head. Of course it’s arbitrary but it’s also interesting and curious.

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