The Boyfriend

Dear Sue, Suzanne, Walter, James, Felicia, Sally, Dolly,

Here it is! I think we should all congratulate ourselves! Twelve minutes of drama from nothing in 34 minutes. You are all so brilliant at improv. I’m now going to take this back to London and share it with our company there. They may already be catching it on this blog. Hello Gwen, Thelma, Oneetha, Sybil, Kurban, Rosie, Roma, Lilian, Rodney, Colin and Madeleine. We have started to hatch a scheme in Burbank (on the edge of Los Angeles)

The plan is quite simple. When I return to London in a couple of months time we will produce Episode Two of the above drama, which links into the dramatic threads from Episode One -but from the other side of the Atlantic. If any of the Burbank company have any thoughts how there could be a London link to any of the characters drop a note on this blog. (I think that there is more to the Boyfriend than meets the eye.) Perhaps then there could be an episode 3 where we use Skype in the dramatic action to have visual link up some of the characters. Let me know what you think.

We also talked about having a cabaret style event happening in Los Angeles, Londrina (in Brazil) and two UK cities London and Bradford. We would video project songs, music and stories from seniors in each of the three countries in a simultaneous linked and live event. This would be in October or November this year. Again any thought from anyone about this would be gratefully received. I am started to work with my colleagues in the UK now to get the funding to make this happen.

I am now on my way to San Francisco and will be there for a week visiting different projects, then I make my way to the east coast via Colorado. Any thoughts or comments on my thoughts and comments about what I see would be most welcome.

Once again it is a pleasure to be working with you all,

My best wishes


3 thoughts on “The Boyfriend”

  1. Quite a production for 35 minutes work. Thanks, Dave. Check us out on YouTube: Zu Vue Parts 1-5. That took a lot more time to produce, but it isn’t any better than our 35 minutes of work.

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