My Aunt was always doing wild things

  The following is the manuscript of an article that I recently wrote, published by Taylor & Francis in Theatre, Dance and Performance Training, Volume 9 Issue 3, on [October 2018], available online:    It is about some of the ideas that have underpinned the past and current work of Entelechy Arts as the… Continue reading My Aunt was always doing wild things

Conversations between passing strangers

A week ago today eight older performers from Entelechy Arts performed their street art work ‘Bed’ in and around the terraces of Southbank Centre London as part of the (B)old Festival celebrating the work of older artists. Last year the Gulbenkian Foundation published their Phase 1 report of their inquiry into the civic role of… Continue reading Conversations between passing strangers

In praise of the ordinary: a day trip to Eltham Palace

We walk slowly around the beautifully restored gardens of Eltham Palace in south London. Unexpectedly the sun shines. ‘Let’s go slowly’, says Dahlia, ‘I need all the vitamin D that I can get’. The sight of us arriving in the entrance lobby had excited great curiosity. ‘Are you all social workers?’ asked a man with… Continue reading In praise of the ordinary: a day trip to Eltham Palace